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Unlock the secrets of your genetics to rejuvenate your body. Our advanced analysis dives deep into your DNA, unveiling targeted strategies to not just slow down, but reverse signs of aging. Experience a younger you, both inside and out, with our bespoke rejuvenation plans.

Freeage cockpit

Freeage Pace

Turn Back Time

Epigenetic Precision for Enhanced Healthspan. Unleash the full potential of your health with our epigenetic testing, in partnership with UCLA. This cutting-edge approach goes beyond traditional DNA analysis by examining how your genes express over time, offering a dynamic strategy to extend your healthspan and prevent lifestyle diseases. Embrace a tailored path to vitality, with science that informs and transforms.

How it works


1 week


We begin with your DNA analysis, our UCLA powered biological age test, an in-depth blood panel, thorough medical intake, and intro call with your Healthspan Coach!

2 weeks


As your results arrive from our international lab partners, our diverse team of health experts review the data, and map out your custom healthspan optimisation plan.

1 week


When all your the results are in and your plan is ready, you meet again with Healthspan coach to review the data, refine goals, and lay out an implementation strategy.

Elite & Pro 360 Plans



Begin implementing the actionable interventions from your physician, while meeting regularly with your coach.



Start achieving goals and setting new ones, retesting to track progress, and refining your plan with your providers.

Our experts are with you all the way

Your full health journey is a long term commitment.
Our many year of experience has enabled us to assemble a team of the best specialist coaches there is! We pair you with the right coach to follow you on your specific journey and ensure you reach you goals!

Portrait of Dr. John Kim

Dr. John Kim

Functional Medicine Practitioner
Anti-aging expert, pharmacist

Portrait of Martin Kremmer

Martin Kremmer

Health Optimisation Coach
Biohacking and Longevity advisor

Portrait of Tine Jørgensen

Tine Jørgensen

Cand.scient Clinical Nutrition
Gut Health and Immune System expert

Portrait of Jeanette Oxlund

Jeanette Oxlund

Mental Health Expert
Meditation, Mindfullness, Executive Coach

Portrait of Thilde Maarbjerg

Thilde Maarbjerg

Personal trainer, nutritionist
Precision nutrition, Strength training expert

Portrait of Dr. Mads Koch

Dr. Mads Koch

Medical Doctor
Medical Advisor and Stress Coach

Portrait of Ninni Kjær

Ninni Kjær

Cand. Nutrition
Female health, sustainable weight loss, habits

Portrait of Mads Friis

Mads Friis

Habit Coach
Habit and Mindset Coach

Portrait of Lisbeth Blak-Lunddahl

Lisbeth Blak-Lunddahl

Personal trainer, Mental Coach
Mindset and motivation

Genetic Risks

We take you from knowing to action

Transform your health trajectory and outpace lifestyle diseases. We blend cutting-edge science and personalized lifestyle interventions to preempt and reverse the progression of lifestyle-related conditions. Take control and steer clear of modern health hazards.

Knowledge is power

Your health in realtime

Tailored Health Guidance. With our expert analysis, your wearable data becomes a roadmap to wellness. We provide clear, personalized recommendations to navigate you towards optimal health and longevity.

Guesswork removed

Food for thought

Personalized Nutrient Optimization. Fine-tune your health with custom supplement strategies based on your unique DNA, epigenetics, and biomarker profile. Our targeted approach ensures you get the precise nutrients you need for an enhanced healthspan.

Backed by science

A vital part of the Freeage solution is a thorough intake process where we collect all relevant info about your health and lifestyle history. Everything we collect and analyse is safely stored and kept private at all times.

Genetic analysis

Embark on a journey into your genetic makeup, guided by our collaboration with world-leading labs, Ph.Ds, and experts. Our advanced DNA analysis unveils the unique blueprints that define your individuality. This partnership ensures that your genetic insights are at the forefront of scientific excellence, leading to personalized nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle recommendations tailored to you.

Epigenetic testing

Take a leap into the forefront of scientific discovery as we collaborate with world-leading scientists to bring you a groundbreaking Epigenetics Aging Test. This revolutionary test goes beyond traditional age assessments, shedding light on how your environment and lifestyle impact your biological age. It's designed for individuals who are committed to moving the needle on their health and well-being. With our collaborative efforts, you can proactively slow down aging and rejuvenate your vitality, guided by the expertise of the brightest minds in the field. Join us on this transformative journey toward optimal health.

Lab testing

Your blood is a treasure trove of insights into your well-being. Our comprehensive blood biomarker analysis offers a window into your metabolic health, nutrient levels, and overall vitality. It serves as the foundation for your personalized health optimization plan.

Wearable data

Harness the power of technology with wearable devices that monitor your sleep patterns and track your recovery. Gain real-time insights into your daily activities and use this data to optimize your sleep, exercise, and daily routines for peak performance.

Mental coaching

Achieving optimal health extends to your mental and emotional well-being. Our expert mental coaches are your guides to cultivating resilience, reducing stress, and unlocking your full potential. With mindfulness techniques and goal-oriented coaching, you'll master the art of holistic health.



Set the groundwork for lifelong health. Our Baseline Plan offers everything you need to get started.

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  • Comprehensive DNA profile
  • Epigenetic age test (Freeage Pace)
  • Full spectrum biomarker analyses
  • Expert health optimization plan
  • One-on-one health coaching


Ascend to elite health management. The Elite Plan expands on the comprehensive Baseline package.

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  • Biannual epigenetic tests (Freeage Pace)
  • Additional health checkups
  • Access to global longevity specialists
  • Ongoing personalized coaching
  • Metabolic health tracking with CGM sensor

Pro 360

Our Pro 360 Plan is for those serious about a proactive, 360-degree approach to health and longevity.

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  • Baseline package
  • Elite package
  • Unlimited coaching
  • Quarterly health assessments
  • Specialist blood work twice a year

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Unlock the secrets of your genetics to rejuvenate your body. Our advanced analysis dives deep into your DNA, unveiling targeted strategies to not just slow down, but reverse signs of aging.